Hello. I’m Maxwell.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

This percentage reflects how important it is for users to have a seamless experience through each website they visit. It’s never been an easy process, and as each day passes design, strategy, and new ways of thinking make for continuous improvements across all platforms.

We live in a world where design is an essential component for all users who crave aesthetics, ease of use, and an exceptional experience. To compete with this standard, myself and companies around the world strive to build contemporary business strategies that are deeply coupled with flawless ingenuity and attention to detail.

As a creative executive with a passion for both digital and print marketing, I posses a unique blend that fuses user experience design (UX) with an approach of optimizing all outbound campaigns including (but not limited to) email, social media, product management, SEO, paid media, and AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

From CBS Radio, Kindling Collective Co-op, Washington Energy Services, and pursuing my career with MicroK12 all within the beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest, I have delivered hard work with driving millions in revenue, gaining traction across the United States, and never letting go of what is in sight – a beautifully designed digital landscape for all walks of life.

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Designs begin with brilliant ideas.

Kindling Collective

Let’s Create Something Amazing

Kindling Collective. Relax. We're Here to Help

Create an online presence within a community lacking a member owned entrepreneurship and innovation cooperative.


Build a supportive community business model that helps build our business by allowing members to keep doing what they do best, and getting the support where you need it.


Regenerated the economy by empowering local entrepreneurs and connecting with each other. This wasn’t a simple task, in lieu of being the only marketing team leader, Maxwell made due with what resources were readily available.

Washington Energy Services

Make Your Home Great

Washington Energy Service Earth Day Energy Saving Tips

Incorporate energy efficient decisions within a bi-weekly newsletter sent out to new/existing customers. The challenge was differentiate our copy and design between those who are updating their services or are new to Washington Energy Services.


Be strategic when it comes to designing each newsletter, whether that means having the logo placed into a globe (to the right for Earth Day), or outline helpful tips for new and existing customers to educate them on the importance of energy savings and efficiency.


Washington Energy Services newsletter open rate increased by an overwhelming 10% (on average), and generated triple digit leads from a list of 10 thousand subscribers.


Learning in Virtual Space

Thomas Furness III. Keynote Banner Design

Create a X-Stand banner design for MicroK12’s 7th Annual Education Technology Conference “TechFest.”


Design a banner focused behind MicroK12’s prestigious guest keynote speaker Thomas A. Furness III, the Grandfather of Virtual Reality. Our team brainstormed ideas on how to recreate virtual reality with Furness’s keynote theme “Learning in Virtual Space, and we came up with this design (to the right.)


After countless hour’s of recreating this design through my trusty tool Adobe Illustrator, the beauty was ready to come to life. Thanks to our amazing sponsors for making this possible.